GuidedSMILE Procedure

A revolutionary digitally-preplanned, Teeth-in-a-Day
Dental Implant Procedure

Your New Smile in 3 Simple Steps:

“See your smile before your surgery.”

Smile Simulation

Through amazing before-and-after smile simulation software, you’ll see your smile change before your eyes.
The Work Up

The Work Up

Our dentist and team use the smile simulation and records to prepare for your transformation day.
The Big Day

Your New Smile

On the day of surgery, the team will erase the old you and deliver your new smile and the new you.
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A Life-Changing Story with the GuidedSMILE Procedure

“GuidedSMILE helped me improve my quality of life... I finally found a team of great people and an awesome solution. Thank you!”

About the GuideSMILE Procedure

Dr. Yaste has trained for many years on solutions to make his patients live better lives – to help them smile again, in a procedure that lasts only a few hours, often while sleeping. 

What is GuideSMILE?

GuidedSMILE is an amazing process and product developed through the collaboration of dental laboratory engineers and dental implant specialists. Using the latest CAD/CAM technology, basic patient dental records, and a team of professionals, GuidedSMILE delivers virtually-preplanned dental implants and teeth in one-day procedure.

What is the patient experience?

Patients contact our team by calling the number on this site for an initial consultation. If the patient’s condition is consistent with GuidedSMILE, they visit our office for an in-person consultation to have all their remaining questions answered and to capture the records. Patient returns in a few weeks for the Big Day.

What is the surgical procedure like?

In most situations, the poor dentition is removed during a surgery and replaced with dental implants. Patients are in twilight or asleep during the procedure and wake up with no recollection of the surgery. This procedure has been completed tens of thousands of times around the world for many years.

For the patient, the entire process is very simple. Here are the steps.
Smile Simulation – We capture a full smile photograph and complete a beautiful smile simulation to share with you. If you have not smiled for a long time because of the appearance of your teeth, you will when you see the new smile. We’ll also capture impressions and a CT scan.
The Work Up – Our dentist and their team use the smile simulation and the records to prepare for your transformation day.
The Big Day – On the day of surgery, while you sleep, the team will erase the old you and deliver the new you. They will use dental implants, a special surgical guide developed specifically for GuidedSMILE, and a beautiful new set of teeth that are integrated into the guide. The process is nothing short of amazing.
You’ll wake up with your new smile, follow the recovery instructions, and begin your new life.*

Smile Simulation Software

Our team will present you with a stunning Smile Simulation! If you don’t smile now, you will. We want you to see your smile possibilities and be a part of the coming transformation!
Smile Simulation Before
Smile Simulation After

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