Free Dental Implant Seminars

At the Charlotte Dental Implant Solutions we host a Free Dental Implant Seminar every month.

Many people are interested in dental implants but are confused about all of their options or if they are even candidates for the procedure.  It is not uncommon for patients to search for information on the internet or go to multiple dentists to get answers.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation on the internet and many dentists who do not place implants do not understand all of the options to help people missing multiple or all of their teeth.  For this reason we began to host monthly seminars in our office to explain not only dental implant procedures, but all of the options that someone might want to know if they have missing or breaking down teeth.  98% of attendees say the seminar was very informative and helpful to them when it came time to make a decision about how they would replace or repair their teeth.

At the seminar you will find answers to your questions and have a chance to speak to the doctors in person about any concerns you may have.  We provide a light dinner and door prizes are given away as well!  Every attendee leaves with a gift from us as well as the knowledge to make educated decisions about their dental health.  You know what they say….Knowledge is Power.

What you should do to reserve your seat at our Free Dental Implant Seminar

1. Call our office today for the next date of the seminar

2. Request a reservation and give us your phone number for contacting you if there are any changes

3. Come alone or bring a friend or family member with you if you want.  We cant wait to meet you!

Instructions for New Patient Form

We’ll need the information on the form prior to getting started. Please download and complete the form below and bring it to your first visit. If you are not able to complete these forms prior to your first visit, please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

The form is a PDF and requires you have Adobe Reader to open it. (Nearly all computers have this. If you cannot open the form, you can download it here:   Adobe Reader.)

After opening the form, you can place your cursor in the text fields and type your answers. You can also click the appropriate selections to choose Yes/No, etc.

To print the form from your computer:

1. Choose File > Print or click   icon in the toolbar

2. Select a Printer

3. Click Print