We can give you affordable, pain-free implant overdentures.

For years denture wearers have suffered with loose and uncomfortable dentures.  Most patients we see with dentures have to wear dental adhesives under their dentures to keep them from coming loose or falling out.  Now there is a simple and reliable way to keep your teeth “In Place”!  This revolutionary system uses narrow diameter dental implants to hold reinforced overdentures in place so you can laugh with confidence and chew worry free.  We can help you decide which are right for you.

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About Teeth-In-Place™ OverDentures

What are the benefits of OverDentures?

OverDentures are ideal for those seeking more affordable ways to replace missing teeth. We can also repair and secure loose dentures that have made it harder to speak, eat or smile with confidence. Conventional dentures typically fit over the gums and an upper denture may provide some suction by using the palate.  But a lower denture is almost always a nightmare to eat with and tends to flop around.  Overdentures allow us to “snap” your teeth in and also by reinforcing the appliances with a hidden metal reinforcement we can make them much less bulky and cumbersome.  Top overdentures have the palate removed which allows you to again taste all different types of food and enjoy your meals.  By using special patented narrow diameter implants with Locators® OverDentures can  provide you with a more youthful appearance, supporting the structure of the face and stopping the process of bone loss.

What is the process for getting OverDentures?

You will undergo a consultation to see whether overdentures are right for you. Just like our All-On-Four screening, the screening for overdentures is free, and we will also take a 3D CT Scan to measure the amount of bone you have. If you already wear dentures, the process takes very little time and in one visit all of the dental implants can be placed.  We typically allow 12 weeks for healing of the Locator® dental implants before finishing your overdentures or modifying your existing dentures.  After you have been fitted for Teeth-In-Place™ you will be taught how to take care of them and set up on our hygiene protocol so they will last longer and be more reliable.  Eating and speaking general improve tremendously when your overdentures are fixed in place.  Most of our patients say they hardly notice that they are not their own natural teeth.

Who typically gets OverDentures?

Overdentures are more widely accepted by patients that have worn removable appliances like dental partials and dentures in the past.  This new technology is the perfect step for someone who is on a strict budget but wants to be able to be confident that their teeth will not embarrass them or make them uncomfortable when eating.  Many of our patients that have been told that they have too much bone loss to have traditional dental implants are ecstatic to hear that they are perfect candidates for the Lodi® dental implant system.  Because these dental implants are smaller than traditional dental implants we are able to use them in circumstances that might make other implant systems impossible without costly bone grafting or surgical procedures.


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