All-On-Four Dental Implants

An ideal solution for patients who need numerous teeth replaced.

All-On-Four Dental Implants are the perfect solution for restoring your entire smile in one visit.

The All-On-Four Dental Implant is an option for patients who need numerous teeth replaced, or even a whole upper or lower set of teeth. This procedure is a revolutionary technique in dentistry and allows patients to receive an entire arch of prosthetic teeth in a single appointment with a team including an oral surgeon, restorative dentist, and anesthesiologist. By using just 4 dental implants instead of one implant per tooth, the procedure is minimally invasive and can replace an entire set of teeth without the need for repeat surgical visits.

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About All-On-Four Dental Implants

all-on-four-implantsThe All-On-Four treatment is used to replace the entire upper and or lower set of teeth. The procedure creates a permanent set of teeth by using 4 dental implants which act as an anchor for a bridge of 10 to 14 teeth. All-On-Four Dental Implants can replace both damaged and missing teeth and provide a long-term, permanent alternative to dentures or dental partials.

How does the All-On-Four procedure work?

Dental implants are placed into the jawbone and the implant bridge is secured in place. The surgery and conversion process generally takes only about 6 hours.  A team of specialists work together at the office to do the entire procedure so that your smile is transformed that same day.

As with most dental implants, All-On-Four Dental Implants are placed during an outpatient surgical procedure in Ballatyne Center for Dental Implant’s office. Most patients take advantage of some sort of sedation for this procedure, I.V. Sedation and General Anesthesia are the most common.  And, in addition to that,  local anesthetic will be used. Learn more about Sedation Dentistry – or “Sleep Dentistry” – here.

After the procedure is completed, patients leave the office with complete instructions on what to expect over the coming days and weeks.  Most of our patients have a very short recovery time of a few days.

In the days immediately following the All-On-Four placement procedure, patients will be rescheduled for a few short follow up appointments to make sure that they are comfortable and proper healing is occuring.  We generally recommend a very soft diet for the initial healing phase after treatment and gentle care  with your oral hygiene routine (but still keep up with it to minimize the presence of potentially infection-causing bacteria!).

In addition to the short treatment time frame, All-On-Four Dental Implants have a number of advantages over conventional dentures, dental partials and other removable prostheses. All-On-Four implants are more stable and secure, greatly reducing the jawbone resorption that occurs with standard dentures, which have no root-like structure to anchor the bone. An implant-supported arch will not slide out of place, and it’s more effective at chewing so patients can eventually maintain a normal diet.

All-On-Four bridges can be amazingly life like and create a beautiful, lasting, smile.  Our patients tell us that no one has any idea that they don’t have their own natural teeth.  These bridges also feel very natural as well as making chewing so much easier.

The All-On-Four procedure is one of the most complex and technologically advanced dental procedures.  Advancements in this process have occurred rapidly over the last few years.  The technology available now allows us to do almost the entire process digitally and use guided surgery.  Guided implant surgery for the All-On-Four process has huge advantages for patients and creates a more predictable and efficient outcome.

Once the process is finished it is important to understand how to maintain your new smile.  We have developed a maintenance protocol that makes it easy and affordable.  By following the hygiene protocol at Charlotte Dental Implant Solutions your prosthesis will last for years and stay balanced and easy to live with.

It is VERY important that before considering this treatment that you discuss it with a qualified practitioner with experience who understands the entire process and not just the surgical or prosthetic components.  At the Charlotte Dental Implant Solutions, we have a team of doctors who understand this technique completely and have participated in hundreds of these surgeries.  Make sure you download a copy of our book from this site to find out how you can avoid the pitfalls of having a procedure like this done by the wrong dentist.


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